Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fake tan fanatic?

Sooo... Ive been a fake tan 'addict' for around 5 years now! Over the time I've tested both good and bad products so I thought I would rate some. I have also been a sun bed user but have come to realise fake tan is a much quicker, safer fix!

In 4th place is Garnier summer body moisturising lotion. I would say this 'gradual' tan isn't very gradual at all, it develops orange and streaky and just isn't ideal! It costs around £3 from most shops and the only positive is the smell!

In 3rd place is Rimmel Instant wash off tan (medium matte.) It is a good quick fix for last minute plans, but can be hard to rub into the skin, it tends to dry very quickly so mistakes can't be made! Costing around £8.

2nd place goes to St Moriz, a cheap alternative to St Tropez! Costing only 2.99 for a long lasting bottle of mousse tan it gives instant colour and can look really good if applied correctly! Medium is a good colour for beginners and experienced tanners.

Last but not least, 1st place goes to Fake Bake Beyond Bronze lotion! Costing £18 from Boots (often on offer for £12 with a third off!) This tan is easy to apply, leaves a holiday glow and doesn't smell too bad either!


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